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–Built-in switch with undervoltage release according to IEC204-1: 1992, EN60204, section 7.5
–To protect against autonomous restart after voltage dip and voltage recovery.
–Ideal built-in switch for column drills, grinding blocks.


Brand: KEDU
Model: KJD18
Coil voltage: 400V at 50Hz
Power: up to 3KW at 400V, AC-3
Current: AC-1 = 13.5A, AC-3 = 7.5A, AC-15 = 6A
Shell Material: ABS Black
Button color: Red / Yellow
Size: 88x56mm
Installation depth:41mm
Degree of protection: Front up to IP54
Installation position: Arbitrary
Type of actuation: Mechanical ON / OFF, Electrical ON, Mechanical OFF

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1x Switch

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