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Circuit level35V DC, 100mA, 1W
Standard square resistance<=50mQ/mil
Contact resistance10-500Q (with lead length and material variation)
Insulation resistance100MΩ 100V
Dielectric withstand voltage250VRms (50-60Hz 1min)
Contact jitter time<=5ms
Operating pressureMetal shrapnel type 220-350g
Switching strokeMetal dome type 0.6-0.8mm
Storage temperature70%-90%
Storage humidity  -0°C~+60°C16H
Test humidity70%-90%
vibration20G's msx. (10-200HZ, MIL-202, M204, Condition B)
Line thickness<=0.13mm

Package includes:

5 x 4×5 20 Button Display Membrane Switch

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